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 Houchin 50 KVA Rotary Frequency Inverter 


The Houchin 50 KVA Rotary Frequency Inverter is a piece of equipment used in aviation and other applications.

  1. Rotary Frequency Inverter: Unlike solid-state inverters, which use electronic components, rotary frequency inverters rely on mechanical components (such as motors and generators) to convert electrical power. They are often used in aviation ground support equipment.

  2. 115 Volts: This refers to the input voltage. The inverter takes 115 volts AC as input.

  3. 400 Hz: The output frequency of the inverter is 400 Hz. This frequency is commonly used in aviation systems.

These inverters are essential for providing stable and reliable power to aircraft during maintenance, testing, or ground operations. They ensure that the aircraft’s systems receive the correct frequency and voltage, which is crucial for safety and proper functioning.

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