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Tronair 05-7014-1200-85 Hydraulic Trolley Rig

  • Pressure Range: It operates within a range of 250 to 3,000 psi.

  • Motor Power: Equipped with a 5 horsepower (hp) motor.

  • Fluid Compatibility: It uses MIL-PRF-83282D hydraulic fluid.

  • Reservoir Capacity: The rig has a 10-gallon reservoir.

  • Pump Flow Rate: It delivers 6 gallons per minute (gpm).


Available to Buy or Hire

Technical Details:

  • Pressure Compensated Pump: The rig features a pressure-compensated pump with integral pressure and flow controls.

  • Electrical Specifications: It runs on 208 VAC | 60 Hz power.

  • Bypass Valve: Includes a bypass valve for safety.

  • Manual Starter: Equipped with a manual starter featuring overload protection.

  • Return Line Sight Gauge: Allows monitoring of the return line.

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