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AXA Power 2200 45 KVA Static Inverter


Available to Buy or Hire

Will be Mounted on Wheels & Supplied with 6m Output Cable & 15m Input

A Cable Tray can be Supplied for an Extra Fee

The AXA Power 2200 is a static inverter designed to provide reliable power conversion. 

  1. Capacity: The AXA 2200 is rated at 45 KVA (kilovolt-ampere), which indicates its maximum power output capacity.

  2. Input Voltage Range: It operates with a 3-phase input voltage of 400 V (volts) with a tolerance of ±15%.

  3. Frequency: The input frequency can be either 50 Hz or 60 Hz, with a tolerance of ±5%.

  4. Rectification: The unit employs a 12-pulse rectification process to convert AC (alternating current) input to DC (direct current).

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